Elderly care, nursing jobs in Austria
Work through us, in flexible and legal framework


Elderly care, nursing jobs in Austria

Work through us, in flexible and legal framework

Our company, AM-Medical Ltd. as the regional representative of the Austrian agency Antonius Pflegedienst during its nearly decade-long operation completed the sourcing of hundreds of nurses to Austrian families from the following countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

AM Medical is designed to provide high-quality service for nurses which ensures legal employement in Austria, regular work, flexible work schedule, official affairs assistance and regular liaison service.

We consider that our most important mission is that we assist the nurses to obtain legitimate, respected and well-paid work, while the Austrian families receive high-quality and professional nursing care.



Annamária Papp Agh

AM-Medical Ltd.

Annamaria Papp Agh, CEO of AM Medical gained her nursing qualifications at Hungarian Health High School in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia. After spending her professional work years in city hospital of Dunajska Streda she worked as a nurse taking care of elderly people in Austria. During this time, Annamaria became familiar with all the details of the elderly care profession and started the sourcing of nurses to Austria. In addition, Annamaria acquired the Austrian certification of foreign nurses’ education.

The CEO of AM Medical worked almost 10 years together with one of the biggest agencies, the Antonius PflegeDienst GmbH, the representative of the agency for Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria.

Thanks to Annamaria’s first-class services and hard work/dedication more than 800 nurses found successfully jobs in Austria and she is keen on serving the ever-increasing nursing demands of Austrian families.

It is noteworthy that Annamaria, as the only foreigner represents the nurses in the Committee for Personal Advice and Care of Austrian Economic Chamber, where she receives all the official and first-hand information regarding the personal care profession.




The sourcing/contracting of nurses for elderly care in Austria is realized by AM MEDICAL with the following characteristics/main elements:

Nurse’s responsibilities include (in accordance with Section 159 and 160 GeoW Act):

  • Elderly monitoring, regular nursing care tasks
  • Household tasks
  • Medical escort
  • Assistance with shopping

Income, contribution and other forms of assistance:

  • Daily fee of nurses between EUR 66-71 (depending on the condition of the elderly)
  • Travel expenses contribution: EUR 50
  • Regular and on-time payments
  • Assistance in applying for Austrian family allowance
  • Assistance with official affairs
  • Constant communication: 24-hour of agency customer service
  • Professional training courses, lectures
  • Organizing of substitution


  • 2 weeks turns

Possibility to work for one week or longer than two week turns as well.


  • Vienna
  • Lower Austria
  • Styria


  • Professional nursing education or
  • Min. 200 hours of nursing courses (accredited or certified by the Red Cross Nursing Courses)
  • Active knowledge of German language: intermediate level

These lawful, comprehensive and full range services entail sourcing fees.



Number of sourced/contracted nurses


Number of countries from which we recruit


Number of satisfied clients (families & nurses)



I worked for 2 years as an elderly care nurse around Vienna through AM-Medical. It was vital for me that my job was legal and met all the formal requirements. Annamaria and the staff of Antonius were very helpful and helped me in all matters all the times.

Marta, 45 years old nurse from Hungary

I've been working as a nurse in Austria for 9 years, thanks to the AM-Medical and Antonius agency. I always received help from them regarding my work and I was confident that the agency will always find a suitable family for me.

Rosalie, 58 years old nurse from Slovakia

I worked for 5 years as an elderly care nurse in Austria through AM Medical mediation. During this time, the administration and the family identification has always gone smoothly. It means a high security for me, I have a lot of confidence in their services because the agency is always there to help me.

Dagmara, 38 years old nurse from Poland


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